BLUE BOX Game Studios’ Hasan Kahraman Posts Video Confirming He’s Not Hideo Kojima and He’s Not Working on Silent Hill


The BLUE BOX conspiracy has been routinely debunked thanks to a new video posted on the BLUE BOX Game Studios Twitter account, proving that Hasan Kahraman is a real developer at BLUE BOX Game Studios. He’s not Hideo Kojima. He’s not associated with Hideo Kojima. And he’s not working on Silent Hill.

“Hello everyone, this is Hasan Kahraman,” Kahraman says in the 42-second video. “Just wanted to do a really quick video to show myself, that I’m a real person.”

Kahraman’s video on the BLUE BOX Game Studios account comes after nearly a week of rampant conspiracy theories that people—us included—ran wild with, convinced that the indie developer was in fact just another Hideo Kojima ruse, and that their game, “Abandoned,” was Silent Hill.

“Yeah, I’m not really associated with Hideo Kojima. I’m not an actor. Not working on Silent Hill,” he says, flatly debunking the ongoing rumors. “I just wanted to show you guys my face and that I’m real.”

Kahraman goes on to express his desire to do a full Q&A session soon, with a promise to talk more about Abandoned and BLUE BOX Game Studios.

With “evidence” mounting supporting conspiracy-riddled views that BLUE BOX and “Abandoned” were Kojima up to his old tricks again, Kahraman was forced to take a more drastic approach to debunking the rumor mill, finally showing his face to everyone to prove that he’s a real person. While the evidence in favor of a conspiracy seems to be vast, it also shows a lot of confirmation bias, making pieces of the puzzle fit no matter how absurd or out there they might seem. Numerous pieces of the original conspiracy have been debunked since last week, but if you want to go back and get a look at what started it all, you can read our original BLUE BOX conspiracy post.

Kahraman and BLUE BOX Game Studios are getting ready to release a realtime trailers app on PS5 later this week, which will let players see trailers for the survival horror game Abandoned rendered in realtime on the next-gen console. The app was originally supposed to release on Tuesday, June 22, but was pushed to Friday, June 25th.

While there is still some mystery surrounding Abandoned, it’s of course not uncommon for developers to want to shroud their projects in mystery before release. What’s clearly stated here, however, is that this mystery does not involve Kojima or Silent Hill. The BLUE BOX conspiracy has been debunked, and now we can simply wait for Kahraman and BLUE BOX Game Studios to show us more of Abandoned.

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